Dead Rising: Endgame

Feature Film | Not Rated | 1 hr 36 min | Released: 2016 
Audio: English | CC/Subtitles: English

Why It CracklesTest your threshold for video-game-inspired thrills with a nonstop assault of zombie-slaying action.

Movie Description: The Crackle Original Movie Dead Rising: Endgame is based on the worldwide smash-hit video game series Dead Rising from Capcom, the iconic studio that created Resident Evil, and Legendary, the team that brought you Jurassic World, GodzillaThe Dark Knight Rises and more. Jesse Metcalfe (DallasDesperate Housewives) is Chase Carter, an investigative journalist haunted by his past and now hunted by the military. After narrowly escaping a zombie quarantine, Chase can’t shake the guilt of having left a trusted colleague behind. Now, as he heads back into the quarantine to expose the architects of the outbreak, he will uncover a secret more evil than he could have imagined. Guarding this secret is General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert, The Unit24), a ruthless military officer determined to silence anyone who threatens the government’s fatal plans. With mass annihilation looming, Chase—along with a group of dubious allies—slices, hacks and bludgeons his way through the zombie hordes that plague every corner of the abandoned city. As zero hour approaches, our heroes will have to confront their most gruesome nightmares in order to save millions of innocent lives, including their own. Also stars Billy Zane (TitanicBack to the Future), Marie Avgeropoulos (The 100), Keegan Connor Tracy (Final Destination 2, Chaos) and Patrick Sabongui (300Godzilla).

GenresAction Horror Crackle Original Fandom 
CastJessica Harmon, Marie Avgeropoulos, Billy Zane, Jesse Metcalfe, Keegan Tracy
DirectorsPat Williams
WritersTim Carter, Michael Ferris
ProducersTim Carter

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