What 'cha got? Let me see! Are you really going to stake the success of your brand on an iPhone photo? You are!?! Well at least get a good all around photo-optimizing app such as perfectly clear. It works on both iPhone and Android and it cleans up your photo while it's in your phone, prior to posting.

Also be sure to watermark your work. A watermark is a faint word or logo overlaid on a  photograph. Place your watermark in a lower corner or at the bottom, where it won't obscure the image. A watermark can help prevent others from copying or using your photo without your permission.

For the iPhone, go with the impression app -- painless process which renders an effective watermark. For the desktop, you'll appreciate WaterMark.ws. It offers a video tutorial, nothing to download -- you upload your photo to the site and complete the process there and it's all free.

Let me see! What 'cha got?